All of Charlie's Burgers Are a Half Pound And Never Frozen
Served on your choice of sourdough bun, Jalapeno cheese bun (add 50 cents), thick sourdough bread or wheat bun,
fresh green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayo or mustard

We Offer In-Door and Out-Door Dining


Double Meat Double Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Jalapeno Cheeseburger

Chili Cheeseburger

Patty Melt On Toasted Bread
                    *Does Not Include Drink*

Burger Basket
Classic hamburger and french fries or onion rings

Cheeseburger Basket
Classis hamburger with cheese and french fries or onion rings

Chicken Strip Basket
Served with french fries and cream gravy

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Marinated chicken breast, American cheese,
tomatoes, lettuce, sauteed onions and french fries.
(we suggest using bread)

Charlie's Special
Our hamburger served on thick sourdough bread
with potato chips

Catfish Basket
Served with hush puppies, french fries, pinto beans
and cole slaw

Half Pound Catfish
Comes with hush puppies, french fries, pinto beans
and cole slaw
Thick Sourdough Bun, Jalapeno Cheese Bun, Homemade Bread or Wheat Bun

BLT Sandwich

Frito Pie

Grilled Chicken or Steak Wrap
Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled chicken
or steak and Caesar dressing in a tortilla wrap

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Wrap
Thick sliced bacon, fresh green leaf lettuce, tomatoes
and Jalapeno ranch all rolled in a cheese wrap

Chicken or Steak Quesadilla
Grilled chicken or Steak with Monterey and Cheddar
cheese in a cheese wrap, served with salsa Jalapeno's 
on request

Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Comes with side salad

Fish Sandwich
All salads are served with green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and black olives

Ranch, Jalapeno Ranch, Golden Italian, Caesar,
Vinaigrette & Honey Mustard

Small House Salad

Large House Salad

Steak Salad

Add A Beef Patty

Fried or Grilled Chicken Salad
BYOB or Wine

Fountain Drinks / Refills
Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper,.Diet Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, 7-Up, Cherry Limeade

Fresh Brewed Tea / Refills

Hamburger (1/3 lb.) with French Fries

Chicken Strips (2) with French Fries

Corn Dog with French Fries

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with French Fries

Hot Dog with French Fries

Add Bacon

Substitute Onion Rings
Every Day Is Senior Discount Day
At Craig's Charlie's Grill & Golf

So Don't Forget To Ask!
Curly Fries
Fresh Cut Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Hand Breaded Onion Rings
Half Pound Patty
Grilled Onions
Pinto Beans
Cole Slaw
Made In-House Potato Chips
Warm Peach Cobbler With or Without Ice Cream
Warm Apple Cobbler With or Without Ice Cream

Peach & Apple Cobbler just like grandma use to make!
Served with rich and creamy vanilla ice cream

Warm Peach Bread Pudding
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Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich